Hugyfot Housing full service

Hugyfot Housing full service

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286,25 EUR

(incl. VAT)

List price 224,00 EUR (incl. VAT)

Hugyfot recommends a service check every year.

Even if the housing has been used just once, and then stored for a year or two, you can expect that it needs a service. Your O-rings can take damage due to heat and salt that you did not get out.
At a service, you will get a full replacement of O-rings and inspection of moving parts.
It also includes 1-year warranty extension and pressure test.

Model/Product no.: SER-6.701
Stock status: Assembled on order and shipped.

Procedure for service:


  1. Order the service via email.
  2. FOTOGRAFIT will then send a "service letter" that should be filled & printed out.
  3. FOTOGRAFIT will communicate about the service with Hugyfot.
  4. You then pack the housing and send it directly to Hugyfot including the "service letter".
  5. Once the housing is finished it will be returned directly to you.

If you have ports you need looked over, feel free to include them.
Be aware, that the service fee is only for the housing.

...all communication regarding your housing will be with FOTOGRAFIT.