These are some of the larger brands we are working with.
Besides the products from these good and solid companies, we sell a range of individual products as well.
We are almost always able to get the product you are looking for - or we can get something similar, that will work just as well.

In general, we know the people owning and operating these companies and have done so for many years.
A lot of our daily communication with them are on first-name basis.
In a small business like the Underwater Imagine industry, that is how we think things are functioning for the good of our customers.

>>listed in alphabetical order<<

AOI is one of our newest brands. great guys, fantastic quality. They are mostly into lenses and fibre optics, but an acrylic housing is on the way. Exciting
Guys from the film-industry that know how to make bags that keep your equipment safe.
We are fans... and all have their CB70-Grouper among our favourites!
We have been i-Divesite distributor and testing partners for quite some years. Their rather large amount of tray/arm systems is great and their Symbiosis series that combines flash and LED light unique.
These guys practically invented the Red Sea.. and after that they invented Fantasea ;-)
Really solid acrylic housings filled with good experience and clever thoughts!
If you want to use a filter on your Gopro, these are the ones to use. Not the cheapest, but the best and most solid. Includes a macro system too.
Not ready with a HERO8 filter just yet, though.
Our very first brand, when FOTOGRAFIT was not even a business. The oldest brand on the market and recently taken over by good people from the original company. Good things are coming!
Solid, stable, efficient and on the market forever. Inon has been around - and for years produced great products. Particularly their Z-series flash is a legend.

Keldan IS Daniel Keller. A guy with a mission. The easily recognisable red lights with fantastic power, good light and easy operable - makes this product unique. Worth every Euro!

Our history with LMI started long before they produced LED lights and were only a housing company. Once the little SOLA600 was on the market, it did not take us long to see the possibilities and we have sold thousands of SOLA lights since.
Got a scratch in your acrylic dome port?
This is the product to use :-)

The newcomers that took over the industry!

Nauticam is by far the highest quality brand there is. Overall their products don´t just work, they also apply good value to the camera. They have changed underwater photography/video forever!

When this camera was just a good idea, the guys visited us in the office and showed us a mock-up and asked for our opinion. The rest is history and boy have they done a good job!
S&S has a history of making solid products.
We have sold their flashes for many years and used them ourselves. We don´t sell their housings... just the flashes.
Seafrogs has been steadily digging into the marked with a huge amount of different low-cost uw-products. They are still learning and keen to do a better job and are always improving their products.
Floats for alu-arms. No one like them on the market...
They can be taken to 60m... which makes them efficient floaters for arms on most systems. Either alone or together with a float arm.
These guys make all the small arm balls and metal accessories that we like so much and sell lots of. And the quality is really good.
Zen domes is a small American company making high-quality dome ports for different housings.
Good stuff!